About Us


Founded in 2016, The Apple of His Eye’s vision is to help every girl and woman realise their full potential and see themselves as Christ sees them.


“We want every woman to find their true sense of self from Jesus Christ, who is our all in all.” ~ Colossians 2:11


The Apple Of His Eye seeks to assist young girls and women from all walks of life to discover and embrace their identity and purpose as envisaged by God, through Christ Jesus.


“We want to make known that we are God’s wonderful workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” ~ Ephesians 2:10

How Do We Live Out Our Mission

We host conferences, seminars, workshops and round table discussions. We visit schools, prisons, shelters for abused women, old age homes etc.

Who Are We?

As The Apple of His Eye, we are more than:

  • Wives
  • Mothers
  • Sisters
  • Caregivers
  • Our looks
  • Our successes and failures
  • Our fears

What It Means To Live Your Life As The Apple Of His Eye?

  • Abandon any image of yourself that is not from God
  • Stop accepting what others have said about you
  • Start believing what God says about you
  • Do not be defined by your feelings (feelings come and go)
  • Do not be defined by the opinions of others
  • Do not be defined by your successes or failures
  • Do not be defined by your circumstances